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"Why Pop-Up Shops Make a Great Business Idea for Entrepreneurs"

"Nancy Murphy is the owner of Yellow Dot Artist, a small art studio based in Austin, Texas. Due to COVID-19, Murphy’s studio has seen a decline in foot traffic. Rather than wait for the day when customers may safely return to her space, Murphy has started hosting pop-ups. She goes to different locations, like farmer’s markets, frequented by her customer base. In these open-air spaces, there is an opportunity to safely practice social distancing while selling her art.

The mobility of a pop-up is one of its most appealing abilities. Pop-ups are agile in their locations. If they discover their customer base is frequenting a different area or a specific open spot, they may go where the customer goes. More often than not, the pop-up that shows up may tap into a new target audience.

Entrepreneurs interested in starting a pop-up may take a page from Murphy’s book and test out new locations. Visit different areas of town or check out spots where members of the community are most active. See what the demographic looks like and whether your pop-up may be a fit to attract new customers while keeping existing, loyal clients."

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